William and Mary Furniture History

A quick guide to William and Mary furniture history

William and Queen Mary ruled England from 1688 to 1702. William of Orange was Dutch and a great deal of Dutch influences entered English furniture.

William and Mary Furniture

William and Mary furniture was very decorative. Large numbers of Dutch cabinet makers and craftsmen came to England; they were regarded as very skilful in furniture design and decoration which brought England closer to the major movements of furniture in Europe. There was much use of ornate decorative effects on surfaces such as veneering, parquetry, lacquer and marquetry, with walnut now the timber of choice for the cabinet maker.

William and Mary Antiques

William and Mary pieces have survived in some number although they demand a high price when found in the market place.

William and Mary Furniture Facts

Monarchs: King William III and Queen Mary II

Dates: 1688 - 1702

Important Developments: The use of Marquetry, painting and gilding . Hardware started to become decorative.

Materials: Walnut, exotic veneers etc