Edwardian Furniture History

A quick guide to Edwardian furniture history

Though Edward was on the throne for the short period of 1901 - 1910, pieces today known as Edwardian tend to span from 1890 - 1910.

Edwardian Furniture

Furniture makers in the Edwardian period realised more than ever the possibility of production on a larger scale. Furniture was reproduced from earlier pieces but often incorporating styles from different periods. Furniture became smaller for the smaller home, mahogany was still the main timber of choice and back came the decorative inlays that tended not to be used in the Victorian times, we find the Adams inlaid swags, the carved leg, the satinwood banding, and the brass mounts. Furniture became affordable.

Edwardian Antiques

Very many pieces are available in the market, though some are not of such high quality. The Edwardian antique is of solid timber and is well priced compared with today’s mass manufacturers.

Edwardian Furniture Facts

Monarchs: Edward VII

Dates: 1890-1910

Important Developments: Nouveau style Influential. Reproduction of earlier periods produced on a larger scale than before.

Materials: Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Satinwood etc