Tudor Furniture History

A quick guide to Tudor furniture history

The Tudor period in English history begins with the ascent to the throne of King Henry VII in 1485 and ends with the crowning of Queen Elizabeth I, this event signifying the end of the Middle Ages in Britain and supposedly the historic beginning of the English Renaissance.

Tudor Furniture

Early Tudor furniture was very similar to the medieval furniture and Gothic furniture periods preceding it. Ordinary people had very few furniture possessions and even in the large houses of the wealthy there would be only beds, benches, stools, tables, and coffers. Chairs were reserved for the owner of homes when presiding over meals in the hall - their guests made do with joint stools.

Tudor Antiques

Tudor antiques are exceptionally rare and are mostly found in museums and great houses with some highly expensive furniture appearing in the market place.

Key Facts

Monarchs: Henry VII , Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I , Elizabeth I

Dates: 1485 - 1558

Important Developments: Furniture made by carpenters

Materials: Oak, Fruitwood, Walnut